Instant detection of early eye disease symptoms at optical store

Over 1 billion people worldwide are struggling from vision impairment or complete blindness caused by potentially preventable or correctable causes. This number is expected to grow up to 1,8 billion by 2050, what will inevitably put even more pressure on already understaffed hospitals and raise the costs of specialised health care much further. Artificial Intelligence has the ability to transform the way we treat patients, making the eye screening easy accessible to everyone. By simply offering solutions like RetCAD at optical stores, we can help more people faster.

The challenge:

Early recognition of possible symptoms is very important in preventing potentially severe eye diseases and even vision loss. However, because only specialised optometrists and ophthalmologists in hospitals usually conduct the examination, the costs of the consult are high and only a limited number of patients can be screened. Next to that, most of the people who come to the hospital with vision problems already experience severe symptoms, eventually creating a workload that could have been prevented with a reliable screening in advance. To reduce high health care costs and avoid the development of possible severe consequences of eye diseases, the challenge now is to detect the first symptoms much earlier and at the same time to improve the efficiency of the patient triage process.

The Solution

RetCAD software brings opticians a possibility to expand their service portfolio and to increase the customer loyalty, by offering the screening right in the store. The quick and reliable eye screening service comes with a clear visual report, making interpretation of the result easy for both the optician and the patient. The vision screening service makes eye healthcare easy accessible and helps patients avoid unnecessary visits to a doctor.

It’s quick, simple and reliable:

  • Optician takes retinal images of client’s eyes with the fundus camera in store;

  • Analysis of the images with RetCAD™ AI takes no more than 1 minute;

  • Examination report with a simple visualisation of the results and clear recommendations is generated automatically;

  • Customer is advised to return for a periodical check up in 1-2 years or to go visit a doctor.

RetCAD software has over 90% sensitivity when detecting referable diabetic retinopathy! Read the full validation study on how RetCAD performed in comparison with human graders.

Are you ready to benefit from Artificial Intelligence at your optical store?

RetCAD is already fully integrated with fundus cameras of Canon, Topcon, Tomey, Nidek and iCare. Contact your camera provider to implement RetCAD into your workflow!