RetCAD's user experience further optimised with new screening report

RetCAD's user experience further optimised with new screening report

Published On: June 13th, 2022

To stimulate faster clinical adoption, RetCAD™ screening report has been further optimised to comply with international disease classification standards and to become more user friendly.

RetCAD™ is MDR class IIa CE 0344-certified software, powered by artificial intelligence. It instantly analyses fundus images for the presence of vision-threatening eye diseases. After taking the fundus image of the patient’s eyes, it takes less than 1 minute to get a detailed report that will show the condition of the analysed retina. Even very early symptoms typical for diseases such as Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Diabetic Retinopathy (DR), can be detected and assessed with a severity score, at least as accurate as when conducted by a human expert. Outcomes of the screening are then simultaneously translated into a simply visualised patient report. 

The intuitive visual format of the report, including heat maps and score diagrams, allows quick and easy interpretation of the results by the eye care providers. The simplified presentation of eye examination can be easily discussed and shared with the patient, significantly improving the patient's education and compliance. 

The RetCAD™ report is now aligned with international standards of eye disease severity classification such as ICDR (International Clinical Diabetic Retinopathy)  and AREDS (Age-Related Eye Disease Study), making it a trusted solution for clinical usage all over Europe.

However, the renewed report not only shows the screened eyes’ condition but also provides a clear fact-based recommendation if further examination or treatment is required. Recent study by Ramón y Cajal Health Research Institute (IRYCIS) on performance of RetCAD™ software for detection of referable diabetic retinopathy in real clinical settings, shows that it can even help to achieve workload reduction of 96% of the cases that otherwise would need to be checked in hospitals. 

RetCAD™ analysis is further optimised for clinical use, opening up a possibility to screen many more people faster, outside the hospital at a whole new scale. Eye vision examinations can now be conducted at healthcare service points and optical stores, quickly and with high reliability, without overloading the hospitals and rising healthcare costs.

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